about us

APSO is considered a popular and governmental pharmaceutical organization for standardization where, it is derived from Arab pharmacists union (APU) and has approved by Arab ministers of health (AMH). More than 150 scientists and experts in pharmaceutical science were elicited by (AMH) and (APU) whom will work at APSO as a team work divided and classified into a number of technical committees.APSO will award certificates to pharmaceutical companies (PC) which insure that (PC) complies with the updates of international cGMP for pharmaceutical with the recommendation of ISO, and APSO systems. APSO's Certificate (AC) will assist and enable (PC) to be registered and marketed its products through Arab and African countries.  

In an effective and important step has been commended by the highest authorities of the People's government at the level of Arab and African countries (such as the Libyan General People's Congress Britain and the Sudanese Presidency and other health ministries in the Arab world and the African continent.

This step was the establishment of the African Union of Arab Pharmacists, it was necessary to continue with the Union of Arab Pharmacists Union of Arab-African pharmacists to activate its objectives, which was established in order to achieve it, it was the birth of the Arab Pharmaceutical Organization for Standardization, (APSO) of the most important objectives that seek to protect the security of our homeland and our African and great starting point towards ensuring the health of African and Arab citizens, and promoting the scientific and technical control of drugs in the space of the most vital spaces is the Arab-African space was still a testing ground for many of the global pharmaceutical companies.

The response and participation of Arab Ministers of Health and Africans in the off APSO and experts active step to become a reality, and to materialize the hopes and aspirations to become (APSO) reflected the fact on the ground with most of the ministers of health through the most skilled scientists and experts who Nominated to work in this body in addition to nominations Most of the universities, known by professors and scholars in various universities Pharmaceutical Sciences. Was the birth of (APSO) including all of its machines birthday to complete the scientific, technical and management at a time we most need it to the excellent work reflected scientifically and technically and administratively in the Arab-African body seeks to achieve its goals of service to the homeland.