our goals

  • Ensure that safe and effective medication and a good observer control into the hands of citizens and prevent the entry of any adulterated medicine for the Arab nation, through the evaluation and control of factories and pharmaceutical companies recorded the Arab homeland.

  • Contribute to the support of Arab national economy, through the support of the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical research.

  • Contributing to the solution of problems facing the pharmaceutical scientists in any Arab country.

  • To provide scientific and technical consulting pharmacy requesting them to the Ministries of Health of Arab, African and other institutions, factories and corporate medicine.

  • Contribute to the training and preparation of elements of national control and the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Providing technical support to contribute to the vaccination programs mother and child in the Arab and African countries in need of such service.

  • Support nationalism and national programs to combat infectious and lethal and provide all the technical and scientific advice for this purpose.